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Examples of e-Mandate implementations

Weight Watchers

eMandates for monthly subscriptions initiated from a website

Weight Watchers works with monthly subscriptions.

Subscriptions or recurrent customers
  • On the online registration page of Weight Watchers, the customer enters all the required data.
  • This information is bundled and sent to Twikey, the customer only needs to confirm that his data is correct.
  • The customer signs his direct debit mandate and is redirected to the Weight Watchers website.
  • Both Weight Watchers and the end customer receive a confirmation.
  • The mandate information is synchronized with the back office engines of Weight Watchers.
Payment follow-up
  • The follow-up of failed collections is also done by Twikey, for example by relaunching and inviting customers to pay with a smart payment link.
  • Different countries, different payment methods and different banks can be used.
  • If the amount due could ultimately not be collected, the case is forwarded to a collection agency.

Usage based invoicing

Direct debits can also be used outside of a subscription context. More than 70 % of our customers do not work with subscriptions. Instead of invoicing a fixed recurring amount, the amount they invoice is based on the customer’s usage of their product.

Axio introduced electric scooters in Louvain-la-Neuve that can be rented. Users are charged per minute. In the Axio app, mandates are negotiated through Twikey, 100 % embedded in the process. When the approval from the end-customer is given, the app monitors how long the scooter is used. When he or she is done using the scooter, the transaction is prepared and invoiced through direct debit.


eMandates for yearly subscriptions

Plopsa wanted to give his regular customers the option to buy a subscription via monthly direct debit.

  • On the Plopsa website, customers fill in the required data and choose whether they want parking or not.
  • The direct debit mandate is signed simultaneously with the payment of the first month.
  • The tickets are sent to the customer’s mailbox immediately, granting him access to the park the same day.
  • From now on, the payment is withdrawn from the customer’s account every month on the day the mandate was signed, until the subscription is cancelled.
  • Plopsa can use Twikey to follow-up the subscriptions and see if they are paid correctly.

Migrating existing mandates

WEX took over the fuel card activity from EG Retail. Essential for this acquisition was the migration of the existing direct debit mandates.

Twikey guided WEX through this process step by step. We made sure that all of the existing CORE mandates from EG Retail were smoothly imported, so WEX would be able to manage them from their Twikey account. Since B2B mandates cannot be transferred to another account, we had to ask these debtors to resign their mandates. To do this, we sent an email invite to the debtors of which we had the email address and a paper mailing to the ones without email. The paper mailing contained an activation code to sign the B2B mandates online with all data already prefilled.

We also took the opportunity to digitalise all of the paper contracts. For new customers, payment invites are triggered through Twikey.


eMandates and electronic invoices for recurring customers

Dekeyzer-Ossaer decided to offer their clients automatic payment facilities through Twikey. They use both eMandates and electronic invoices.

The invoiced amounts are automatically withdrawn from the account of the client on the agreed payment date:
  • Reduction of manual work and follow-up for Dekeyzer-Ossaer
  • Easier payments and time gained for the client
  • A smaller risk of late payments and fines
  • In the end, the customer still has control over his payments

By using electronic invoices, they are able to send their invoices in the way their clients prefer: on paper or digitally. Furthermore, their accountants now have a clear overview of the status of the invoices.

Inviting customers through email

International Car Lease Holding (ICLH) invites their customers through mailings after the sign-up.

Targeting a large number of customers through a simple invite via mail
ICLH had a customer base that did not use B2B mandates yet. They simply created a CSV file, uploaded this info into Twikey and received a personalised invitation for every customer. Customers could immediately sign the mandate with their eID or bank card instead of having to sign on paper and losing half a day going to the bank.

In this case, the emails were sent by Twikey, but this could also be done from a local system.

International Car Lease Holding

Signing contracts face-to-face

EliteAthletes uses our mobile webpages to sign eMandates through face-to-face contact.

Mobile webpages for PC, laptop, iPad, Galaxy tab, iPad mini...
  • Twikey delivered a mobile webpage for immediate signing to EliteAthletes.
  • During face-to-face contact, they ask their customer to enter the necessary data.
  • The customer then signs the mandate.
  • The customer receives an extra confirmation and can manage the mandate himself.

Generated SEPA Direct Debit XML files are immediately delivered to Belfius
  • Each customer is linked to one of the monthly plans.
  • A few days before the plan is executed every month, Twikey checks if the billing is still correct.
  • After execution by the bank, continuous feedback is provided, including error reporting.
  • Twikey performs automatic dunning and provides advice on which actions to undertake.

Signing contracts online

Belfius Auto Lease wanted more than just to use CORE or B2B direct debit mandates. They wanted their customers to go entirely electronic.

Twikey offers the possibility to sign a contract online. Belfius Auto Lease added 30 different contracts (leasing contract, insurance...) which their customers can sign electronically with their eID card, at home, at the office or at a Belfius office.

Belfius Autolease
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