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Cares Assistance is an innovative player in the insurance sector with a clear focus on care and assistance. Its mission is to offer innovative insurance products that support customers during the most difficult times in their lives. To this end, it works with independent brokers who offer these products to end customers.

Digitisation and Automation of Payment Flow

An important part of the insurance process is collecting premiums. Cares Assistance has chosen to collect its customers' premiums by direct debit and to collaborate with Twikey to do so. Thanks to this collaboration, most of the payment flow has been digitised and automated.

Twikey allows customers to combine the services of multiple financial players. For example, Cares Assistance uses the connection between Mollie & Twikey, allowing customers to pay the first premium online and automatically sign the SEPA mandate. Future premiums are then collected via direct debit and can be easily managed.

In addition, there is an automatic process for failed collections where customers are notified (by text message, email,...) to complete the failed transaction. Thus, Twikey provides additional convenience for the customer and Cares Assistance can focus on their mission: providing assistance when the customer needs it.

Automatic premium collection

Thanks to the partnership with Twikey, Cares Assistance has been able to automate 95% of all (monthly) premium collections, leading to a reduction in payment administration costs. Additionally, the partnership has provided Cares Assistance with a clear overview of all payments, making management much simpler.

Cares Assistance is dedicated to constantly improving its services and is currently investigating opportunities to deepen the integration of Twikey into its management package. Their goal is to establish an even more seamless link between a customer's file and their payment patterns, resulting in increased efficiency and convenience.


  • More customers pay via direct debit
  • Authorizations are signed online
  • Premiums paid automatically
  • Link with own accounting software
  • Customer care and support

Thanks to Twikey and their partners, we have fully digitised the onboarding process for new customers. This includes the ability for customers to sign mandates online, allowing premiums to be collected automatically via direct debit.

Moreover, Twikey's failure management ensures that missed payments are monitored and addressed, further streamlining our administration. Twikey offers us a higher level of convenience and security in the insurance process, allowing us to remain focused on our mission to provide help during the most difficult times in our customers' lives.

Marnic Vandenbroucke Managing Director, Cares Assistance

Twikey simplifies payment management for partners, customers, and consumers. By focusing on recurring payments, streamlining internal direct debit processes, and automating the follow-up of failed transactions, Twikey makes payments effortless. You can download the brochure at the link below and reread the case. Contact us today if you want to implement smart recurring payments too.

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