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PointHR is a leading HR Consultancy specialising in payroll processing for SMEs. They stand out for their personal and proactive approach and take an innovative approach to payroll with a fixed point of contact. With advanced digital tools, they offer comprehensive support to both employers and employees. All this is offered at a transparent pricing structure, giving customers a clear overview of costs.

Efficient invoicing and payment follow-up

Before PointHR partnered with Twikey, it had problems managing its monthly billing, especially regarding recurring payments. It required significant administrative effort to keep everything on track. The need for an integrated solution led PointHR to Twikey. Following a smooth synchronization between their ERP system, Teamleader, and Twikey, they can effortlessly organize payments (including through direct debit), simplify payment follow-up, and save time.

For PointHR, Twikey serves as a background system perfectly integrated with Teamleader. All contacts, companies, leads and invoices are created and managed in Teamleader. Behind the scenes, Twikey ensures that all invoicing data is captured automatically. Twikey is fully aware of customers' payment preferences, the preferred language for communication, the right contacts for invoicing, and more. This process is fully automatic. Thanks to the integration, PointHR automatically receives reports on the number of invoices, scheduled collection payments and other relevant information, giving them a clear overview of all payments and outstanding invoices.

Optimal administration

Although PointHR deviates from the trend where major players focus on recurring payment methods (such as direct debit, ...), they have experienced through their collaboration with Twikey how simple it can be to use. They are now actively engaged in promoting recurring payment methods. As a result of their efforts to promote recurring payment methods, PointHR has achieved a significant proportion of payments via direct debit in a short period of time. This has significantly simplified their administrative processes.

Thanks to the integration of Teamleader and Twikey, PointHR has achieved significant time savings in managing direct debits, sending reminders, and other payment-related tasks. What was previously a partially automated process through Teamleader now runs completely automatically.


  • More customers pay via direct debit
  • Mandates are signed online
  • Easy integration with Teamleader
  • Time savings in administration
  • Improved efficiency

I am a big fan of Twikey. The seamless integration between Twikey and Teamleader works extremely well. For companies like ours, with a high volume of invoices, it just doesn't make sense to spend valuable time manually monitoring all those invoices and organising direct debits. That's where software like Twikey comes in, which can organise this much better and more efficiently. I definitely recommend it.

Tim Cuypers CEO, PointHR


PointHR, a leading HR Consultancy specializing in payroll administration, has successfully implemented the integration between Teamleader and Twikey. Through the seamless integration of these two powerful tools, PointHR has achieved significant benefits, such as time savings, improved efficiency, and streamlined invoicing and payment processes.

Twikey offers a simple solution for payment management, focusing on recurring payments, streamlining internal collection processes, and automating the follow-up of failed transactions. With Twikey, you can easily manage payments. Click the link below to download the brochure and review the case at your convenience. Contact us today if you also want to implement smart recurring payments.

Twikey X PointHR

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