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VP Accountants is a modern and fast-growing accounting firm known for its customer-oriented and innovative approach. This approach earned Jan Van Cauwenbergh, Annelies Pint, Chiel-Jan Guldentops & Niel Guldentops of VP Accountants numerous awards. In 2018, for example, the accountancy firm was named 'most efficient office' at the 'Syneton Effect Awards'. Since then, VP Accountants shifted up a gear and started using the AdminPulse and Twikey solution to handle (payment) administration. Thanks to the switch, the firm is currently running at full speed and looking forward to new innovative opportunities.

Innovative and customer-oriented

Ever since its acquisition in 2014, Jan Van Cauwenbergh and his associates have been constantly looking for ways to make the firm more innovative and client-focused. Initially, business management was drastically improved. Whereas before the takeover, the office still worked with excel-formatted and printed overviews, after the takeover, the administration ran first through AdminConsult and later through AdminPulse. All customers, contacts, documents, reports, tasks,... are now collected in one central place. Moreover, the quality control, risk analysis, anti-money laundering, assignment letter and UBO functionalities provide legal certainty.

After implementing AdminPulse, VP Accountants was looking for a way to simplify customer payment administration. Paying by direct debit turned out to be the best and easiest to implement solution to make customers pay invoices effortlessly. The solution seemed simple but the implementation did not go as planned. The large number of manual operations caused long processing times and too many administrative errors. The alternative of offering payments via a qr code on the invoice also proved to not bring the desired results.

AdminPulse and Twikey to the rescue

After a thorough research, VP Accountants eventually ended up with Twikey. Thanks to the many opportunities for integration of AdminPulse & Twikey, a link between both systems was already in place. This allowed VP Accountants to easily extend the functionalities of AdminPulse with Twikey, making payment by direct debit the quick and easy solution it first appeared to be. By activating Twikey, VP Accountants could :

  • Reuse existing mandates
  • Have new mandates digitally signed
  • Convert current customers to direct debit payment method
  • Automate the internal payment process


After 3 months, the results for VP Accountants are already abundantly clear and they enjoy the following benefits:

  • More customers paying by direct debit
  • Mandates are signed online
  • Automatic payments
  • Improved cash flow
  • Unburdening the customer

We are constantly looking for new ways to fulfil our customers' needs and expectations, providing them with the best possible service and experience. We want to make customer contact as qualitative as possible and spend as little time as possible on unnecessary issues. Twikey allows us to have recurring invoices paid automatically without us or our customers having to spend time on unnecessary administrative tasks. This further unburdens our customers and gives us more time to focus on our core business. Moreover, our cash flow has increased and administrative costs have decreased.

Jan Van Cauwenbergh Associate, VP Accountants

Twikey empowers partners, clients, and customers to easily handle their payments. With a focus on increasing recurring payments, streamlining the internal direct debit process, and automating the follow-up of failed transactions, Twikey simplifies payments. You can download the brochure below to learn how VP Accountants has already benefited from Twikey. If you'd like to adopt smart recurring payments like VP Accountants, get in touch with us today.

Twikey X VP Accountants

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