Mobility — zZoomerWhen bees are after their honey, they don't like to waste time paying for it

zZoomer started leasing bikes and scooters for food delivery in 2017. Today, in addition to this solution, they also offer private leasing products.

zZoomer collects (almost) all its invoices using direct debit. This payment method is extremely efficient and is the best choice to pay/collect recurrent invoices. Nevertheless, before the partnership with Twikey, zZoomer had a major administrative burden (follow-ups, reminders, etc.). zZoomer entered into a partnership with Twikey to solve this problem and quickly experienced results.


Thanks to its compatibility with various systems/software and smart way of processing and executing payments, Twikey was able to provide an immediate solution to zZoomer's problems.

  • Automation of the internal direct debit process.
  • Automated failure management.
  • Transferring successful payments to ZZoomer's accounting software.
  • Transparent feedback.
  • Comfort. zZoomer creates invoices via its preferred CRM & billing software (Teamleader) and collects them via Twikey.

Soon zZoomer was able to profit from the cooperation with Twikey.

  • 99.85% of all direct debit invoices are collected automatically
  • Fully reduced payment administration
  • Clear payment overview
  • Faster paid invoices

Thanks to Twikey’s way of handling direct debits we are now working much more efficiently. Payments were made easy and this saves us a lot of time. The automated monitoring of payments is very transparent, clear and effective. Our administrative workload has been almost completely reduced whilst doing more transactions. That is the epitome of an improvement. We can now fully focus on our core business.

Toon Donne CEO, zZoomer

Twikey relieves partners, clients and consumers of their payment worries. Payments are made simple by maximizing conversion to recurring payments, automation of the internal direct debit process and an automated failure management. Download the brochure below and read how zZoomer enjoys the benefits of Twikey. Would you like to follow zZoomer's example and opt for smart recurring payments? Contact us.

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