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Simple e-Mandates for your business


With Twikey you have one integration compatible with different e-Mandate solutions

No more paperwork in your direct debits flow. Exchange direct debits on a pan-european scale. Twikey provides the appropriate answers:
  • Get started in 15 minutes
  • Integrates fully transparent multiple forms of e-Mandate approvals
  • Uses eID, bank card, MyBank, iDEAL, SMS possibilities all in 1 service
  • Seamless API integration with your back office (JSON, XML...)
  • Also collection services
  • Integrates with your webshop if you have one (not required)
  • CORE mandates for whole SEPA area
Direct debits through Twikey will considerably reduce your administrative efforts.

How does it interact with your bank and software packages?

Twikey manages all information between your organization, your customers, and if connected, also your creditor bank and the debtor bank (the bank connection is not needed to conclude perfect legal e-Mandates). It all starts with an invitation to your customer.
  • Invite your customers
  • Synchronize the information with an ERP package
  • Or create the XML files in Twikey
  • Twikey optionally exchanges information with banks
  • Updates and cancellations are redistributed
  • If needed, also full collection handling and follow-up
Read more on how it works exactly.
B2B mandates

B2B e-Mandates

B2B direct debits are a bit different. An approval from the bank is always required to activate them. Twikey will do this electronically so the customer (e.g. an employee of a company) doesn’t need to go to the bank. Currently in Belgium the validations are done fully electronically for the majority of the banks. Belfius, Bank J. Van Breda & C°, BNP Paribas Fortis, KBC and soon ING support this. For the Netherlands, the Dutch banks will be reachable from Q3/2015 onwards. For other countries, there is a paper backup solution.

Your customers can sign your contracts online with Twikey

Have a standard document that needs to be signed? Plug in your standard contract into our flow and let it be signed with eID. This is a legal and very efficient alternative to paper contracts. Save manual work and streamline your contract flows. This feature is currently only available in Belgium.

Sign contracts

With Twikey you benefit from a user-friendly online solution to manage e-Mandates.

  • Avoid the administrative burden of paper Direct Debit mandates
  • Assist your customers in B2B mandate acceptance
  • Easy onboarding of customers without additional interventions & investments
  • Own company branded page for your customers
  • Proactive upfront warning of cancellations and changes
  • Increased number of direct debits improves your cash flow
  • Secured legal archive of mandates
  • Audit trail available
  • Try before you merge your flows with Twikey
  • Benefit from our support and expertise

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Pay as you go - 2,3 € /mandate for low volumes - no set-up fees