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General questions

  • Is Twikey safe?

    Yes, we are. No discussion about it. Our team has over 50 years of experience in building secure banking applications. We’ll fire ourselves if we can’t answer to this. The Twikey framework and technology have been audited successfully by leading security consultancy companies on both security and performance testing levels. The management summary of these reports is available for our customers (on request).

    We value your privacy,

    This is very important to us.

  • Is the information stored correctly? And where is it stored?

    We store all information in trusted top level data centres. We do not store the information outside Europe.

  • Twikey for consumers

  • What does Twikey exactly mean for a consumer?

    We allow you to electronically sign a direct debit mandate which you agree to give to a supplier such as a telecom or a utility company (gas, electricity, etc). You no longer need to sign paper documents. You don’t have to go to a bank or a bank website. Using Twikey, you will see all your e-Mandates for all your suppliers in one single place.

    You can add, modify or cancel your electronic mandate at any time.


    • If you move from one bank to another, how are you going to inform all your suppliers of this change? You can spend a whole day calling every bank and supplier or you can use Twikey.
    • Change your bank account number for selected suppliers.
    • Your address changes and you want to inform all your suppliers in a simple and fast way, without any administrative hassle.
    • Some suppliers will allow you to enter a preferred payment date (eg. last Tuesday of every month). This will allow you to optimize your cash flow.
  • How do I use Twikey as a consumer?

    Either you are invited by your supplier to sign a mandate, or you take the initiative yourself and contact your supplier. In all cases you'll need to register only once on Twikey. Once registered, you can approve all direct debit mandates you want! Gone are the days when you had to go through a paper administration flow for every direct debit mandate!

    On top of this, all your mandates are now bundled in one overview.

    To approve a mandate you will need a digital ID and/or a bank card, your bank account number and if you live outside the Benelux also a BIC code.

  • Do you want to support us as a consumer?

    Thank you. You can help us convince your suppliers. Leave us the name of the supplier company you want us to convince by sending us a mail.

    We value your privacy. Twikey will only use your e-mail address for 2 purposes.

    1) To tell your preferred suppliers we have end customers interested in paying them by direct debits via Twikey.

    2) In case this supplier agrees to work with us, Twikey will send you an e-mail to accept a mandate and initiate the direct debit process with this supplier.

  • Twikey for corporations and SMEs

  • I’m a creditor, how does it work?

    It is very simple; Twikey creates a a webpage for you in 15 minutes. You don’t need to have your own website for this. On this “yourcompany – Twikey” website, all your customers can immediately accept a mandate with you as supplier. You only need to define a template. You can also reuse this template in a mobile context (iPad, Android Tablet, mobile phone).

    To get started Twikey requires the following

    1. Your Creditor ID (like BE97ZZZ123456789, LU97ZZZ0123456789 or NL97ZZZ0123456789) & by preference a proof of your bank – Twikey wants to check this.
    2. Customisation allows you to enter your company logo and define your preferred fonts/colours. If you have a professional CSS (file containing the colour combinations and background of your website), please let us know.
    3. Your regular company credentials such as company name, enterprise number, company address....
    4. You also need to know what type of mandate you want to use. Do you want a B2B mandate or a Core mandate, a recurrent or a one-off one ... In case of doubt, just contact us.

    Afterwards, we will ask you to sign a mandate with us for our invoicing.

    From the moment you are registered as a supplier, your customers can sign online mandates with you. At any time, you can get an overview of all mandates, warnings that your customers have signed a mandate and signed proofs. Twikey informs you in real time of all changes in your mandate portfolio. To get your customers to initiate direct debits with you, just insert the appropriate URL in your message (mail, letter, banner, site..) .

  • I’m a small company or organization, is Twikey something for me?

    Well, it has actually been designed for you! We streamlined our process so efficiently that both you and the top suppliers of this world can easily use it. We have a freemium package at no cost. You only pay for a signed mandate and a yearly fee to maintain it. We have special conditions for schools and start-ups. Twikey can also help you with your payment collections.

  • Can Twikey be integrated in my own webspace? Or my own community pages?

    Yes, we can. We do everything to avoid your customer having to enter redundant information. We hate this too.

    Detailed documentation sets and API's are available for our customers, website builders acting on their behalf as well as for all partners. Trust us, it’s simple.

  • Is Twikey compatible with my ERP – Accounting package?

    Twikey has 3 ways to communicate with your accounting package.

    1. Using the Twikey automatic synchronisation option
    2. Twikey also allows a manual export in the most popular packages
    3. Automatic integration in your bank environment for Belfius customers
  • Can Twikey assist me in my payment collections?

    Together with our partner banks and collection partners, we assist you in your payment collection process.

    This can go very far. From a simple file delivery to the bank to a full payment collection follow-up, the entire payment flow can be followed up via our partners.

  • Is Twikey compatible with my eBanking solution, Isabel (Belgium) or Multiline (Luxembourg)?

    A lot of banks, Isabel and Multiline have a module for creating SEPA Direct Debits. The export from Twikey with mandate information can be injected into these eBanking solutions if they support an import of structured information. Tell us if you want a package to be added to the list.

  • I have a mandate management solution from Sentenial, CGI, Atos, Oneway or another player, can Twikey help us ?

    Yes, we can. These players were really useful for a company who migrated to the new SEPA Direct Debit framework and they did a great job.

    Contact us for more info as we consider ourselves to be fully compatible with those players. We are focusing on delivering the eMandates to all those different parties. Together with the parties mentioned above we can provide a full answer to your RFP’s.

  • Can Twikey do other things than mandate management?

    We have a basket full of brilliant ideas to do other things with the Twikey framework. In our reference cases you will see that we also allow the signing of contracts. However, at this stage we focus mainly on one thing; electronic SEPA direct debits , also called e-Mandates or electronic mandates, making this easy for everyone and the follow-up of payment collections.

    Together with mandates, Twikey can also let you sign e-Contracts. This is presently only possible for Belgium as this functionality requires the use of an electronic id solution.

    Have also an idea ? Click on the 'Contact' tab to post it.

  • Is a mandate accepted via Twikey legal?

    Twikey hired the top experts on electronic signatures and had many meetings with the banks on this matter. Without going into the technical details; we allow a consumer to put a legally accepted electronic signature by means of an electronic ID (such as the eID), a Bank token or SMS.

    At any time all involved parties (consumer, supplier and bank) can verify the mandate signed and this e-Mandate can be used as evidence in case of legal discussions.

    We also follow the SEPA EPC rule books and the European legislation on the protection of the rights of the end customer as much as possible.