Seamless integration Multisafepay - Twikey

MultiSafepay- Twikey

Send a payment link to your customer

You don't always need a website for the solution. You can send a personalized payment request via email, text message, or letter containing a secure payment link or smart QR code that allows you to access all payment methods. In Twikey you can choose to send manually, based on lists, or based on a link with your own CRM and/or accounting system or your own back office.

MultiSafepay- Twikey
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Offer ease of payment to your customers

The interconnection between Twikey and MultiSafepay allows you to futureproof the payment of your invoices with payment links and QR codes.

This offers numerous advantages:

  • 1 access to all payment methods
  • Getting paid faster
  • Lower costs
  • Perfect reconciliation in your accounting system
  • Less administrative follow-up
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Multisafepay by Twikey


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