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Identificatie via Idin en Twikey
Identificatie via itsme en Twikey
Identificatie via eID en Twikey
identificatie met idin bij allianz via twikey

Accept online customers

A digital signature of a contract ensures a fast customer journey with higher conversion. Thanks to the identity verification, you can build in extra securities and prevent fraud.

Twikey stores the signed documents digitally and provides the legal proof.

Online demo

"Identifying a customer and signing an agreement can now be done in less than 2 minutes."

Easy integration

With 500 software packages, or via a simple API


All communication is adaptable to your corporate identity and tone of voice


Always up-to-date information about the real-time status via our dashboard

Interesting for every sector

Discover the sectors in which we are already active

Twikey for the wholesale
Twikey for energy suppliers
Energy suppliers
Twikey for  e-commerce companies
E-commerce companies
Twikey for telecom providers
Telecom providers
Twikey for IT and software companies
IT and software
Twikey for accountants
Twikey for employment agencies
Employment agencies
Twikey for sport associations
(Sports) associations
Twikey for the care sector and hospitals
Care sector and hospitals
Twikey for B2B suppliers
B2B suppliers
Twikey for leasingcompanies
Twikey for gas station
Fuel cards

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