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Mandate management

mandaat overview

Manage your e-Mandates without a paper archive!

To conclude a direct debit your customer signs a direct debit mandate. Until recently you archived this paper mandate physically and you copied the mandate data into a digital system. This is an extremely time-consuming, cumbersome and error-sensitive procedure. With Twikey all your direct debits are generated digitally. This means faster, error-free and no directories full of paper mandates anymore!

With Twikey your mandate management system is always up to date

The Twikey mandate management system manages your direct debits digitally. You can immediately make changes and view the status of your direct debits. You are directly notified when a customer changes or cancels his mandate. The Twikey mandate management system considerably simplifies your administration and your are sure that your direct debits are always up to date. You can also upload existing mandates into this system so you can manage on one place all your CORE and B2B SEPA mandates

Bankswitching API

Since February 1, 2018, Bankswitching, the CEC's bank switching service, allows to automatically notify the creditor when a customer changes bank in Belgium. Through our API or mail ,you will receive the necessary information when an end customer changes bank. All information in Twikey is automatically kept up-to-date. (in collaboration with the CEC)