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A direct debit is an excellent means to collect subscriptions

Until recently a direct debit could only be set up through a paper direct debit form, which implied multiple administrative interventions. With Twikey you can set up, manage and collect your (B2B) direct debits fully digitally and at lower cost compared to creditcards.

Setting up a subscription direct debit

Within the Twikey platform you can choose the type of subscription you want to set up. You can define a name for this subscription, select the collection amount, duration and frequency as well as the direct debit data. Creation of one extra transaction - no problem.

Twikey makes sure that the transactions are transmitted regularly to your bank or we just prepare them. This way the continuity of the collections is guaranteed and you no longer have to worry about it.

Subscription management

Twikey allows you to manage your subscriptions digitally and precisely. You can use Twikey in stand-alone mode or link it to your accounting or ERP system.

Starting, stopping, interrupting, upgrading a subscription for one, several or all your customers at the time. How easy can subscription management be.