Twikey goes to Plopsa

Plopsa wanted to allow regular customers to conclu their FunCard subscription with monthly payments and chose Twikey to make this happen.

Plopsa wanted to allow regular customers to conclude their FunCard subscription with monthly payments and chose Twikey to make this happen. It is now possible to conclude a subscription for the entire family – with or without parking subscription – in just a few steps.

Plopsa has various annual subscriptions on offer, which can be purchased both online and at the cash desk. Among other advantages, these formulas provide access to all Plopsa amusement parks for an entire year. For one of these subscriptions, the Plopsa-FunCard, it is now also possible to settle the payment via monthly direct debit.

The advantages of a subscription via direct debit

For many customers, the option to pay small amounts each month is much more accessible than the regular subscription, where the entire cost has to be paid at once. On top of that, the duration of the subscription is not limited to a year, but remains valid until the customer decides otherwise. With this formula, Plopsa joins the tendency towards smaller subscriptions (Netflix, Spotify …), making it easier for visitors to enjoy the amusement parks continuously.

In addition, the application is very user-friendly. Customers can enter the names of all season ticket holders on the website and, if needed, add parking for each person individually with just one click. After the subscription is concluded, there are no more steps the visitor has to take as the process is automatic from then on. For Plopsa, the big advantage of direct debit is that their monthly revenue is guaranteed for the duration of the subscription.

How does it work?

Twikey’s expertise has been applied to the entire customer process. In consultation with Plopsa, we decided to focus primarily on the following three aspects:

1.Online signing of a SEPA direct debit

The SEPA mandate, which enables the direct debit, is signed simultaneously with the payment of the first month. This makes the process easy and effortless for customers, as it enables them to execute their first payment and sign the direct debit for the following months in one go. This way, they don’t have to take any more steps during the entire course of the subscription.

2.Immediate access to the park, without using paper

After the first payment, Twikey makes a connection with the Plopsa ticketing system Recreatex using smart API’s. The system creates the tickets immediately and sends them to the customer. This way, visitors receive the FunCard directly upon payment and can use it to go to the park the very same day.

3.Fully automatic execution of the SEPA direct debits

Subsequently, the payment is withdrawn from the account every month on the day the mandate was signed, until the subscription is cancelled. Twikey takes care of the entire process: from the initiation at the bank to the follow-up of the payments. The FunCard subscription via direct debit is concluded for a minimum of 12 months and doesn’t expire. Hence there is no need for the customer to renew his subscription after a year, this happens automatically.

Conclusion: a carefree subscription process from start to finish

Thanks to the cooperation between Twikey and Plopsa, it is now possible to conclude a FunCard subscription via direct debit. This formula is advantageous and simple for the customers and assures Plopsa of monthly revenue for the duration of the subscription.

The SEPA direct debit is signed online by doing the first payment. The Plopsa-FunCard is activated immediately upon payment and can be used the same day. Subsequently, the subscription costs are withdrawn from the customer’s account automatically each month, until they cancel their direct debit. On top of that, Plopsa can keep monitoring through Twikey whether or not the subscriptions have been paid.

Are you interested to know more or do you want to purchase a FunCard via direct debit yourself? You can find out more about the Plopsa-FunCard via direct debit on the Plopsaland website.

Or are you interested in a similar solution from Twikey for your company? Don’t hesitate to contact us.