Automated Follow-up for Failed Transactions

Tired of chasing failed transactions? Looking for a way to save time, streamline your payment process and minimise lost revenue? Our advanced transaction failure management tool is designed to do just that.

Failure Management

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R-Codes Failure Management

Seamless and Intelligent Handling of Failed Transactions

Our tool works tirelessly behind the scenes, detecting and resolving failed transactions based on specific error codes (such as SDD R-Codes, credit card decline codes,...) received from the bank or payment service providers. This allows us to take immediate action, including customer notifications, reattempting collections for insufficient funds, initiating payments through alternative methods, or seeking renewed consent for expired cards or mandates.

SDD R-Codes

Your Brand, Your Voice, Our Expertise

Our Failure Management Tool is all about seamless customer experience and personalised communication. We offer easy-to-set-up solutions for transaction failures, tailored to your brand's unique voice. This ensures consistent, customer-focused communication in all processes.

With our tool, you're not just automatically managing failures, but enhancing customer relationships. Experience failure management that truly prioritises your customers.

Your Brand
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Integrate with Your Debt Collection Package

Twikey seamlessly integrates with prominent players in debt collection (including solutions like Payt, Billtrust, iController, Order2Cash,...) as well as debt collection agencies (such as Intrum, Credisolv, Alektum, Coeo Incasso,...). This synchronisation furnishes essential information within your preferred tool, ensuring a smooth process even when handling transaction failures.

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We aim to achieve a 99.5% success rate in processing transactions without needing manual input. But don't just rely on our claims. Hear it from those who're using it daily!

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