Fraud Engine

Onboard with Validations, Transact with Risk Rules. Our Fraud Engine is your personal guardian, designed to keep online identity and payments safe from fraudulent activities.

Fraud Engine

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Identificatie via e-machtiging & Twikey
Identificatie via Idin & Twikey
Identificatie via itsme & Twikey
Identificatie via eID & Twikey
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Visa via Twikey
Identificatie via SurePay & Twikey
Identificatie via Trust1Team & Twikey
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Smooth Onboarding: Total Peace of Mind

At Twikey, we understand the value of security. That's why, during the onboarding process, we use a variety of tools and validations to provide you with the highest level of protection. These methods are transparent and can be easily tailored to fit your unique needs. Here's what we can check:

  • Identity & bank account details
  • Bankcard validity
  • Bank account ownership
  • Account type
  • Account status (blocked or unusable)
  • ...

Add Risk Rules to Transactions

Mandates go through a dynamic life cycle, which includes the possibility of cancellation or blocking. Our risk rules ensure that these mandates are thoroughly verified during the collection process, minimising any potential risks.

But that's not all. Risk rules can also add an additional layer of protection to your day-to-day transactions. We carefully analyse and verify them against predetermined limitations and open amounts, taking into account any reservations made. This ensures that every transaction is securely processed, reducing the likelihood of fraudulent or unauthorised activities.

Risk Rules
Twikey's Fraud Partners

Global Collaboration for Seamless Identification

We've teamed up with premium identification and signing tools from around the world to make your document signing process as smooth as possible. From Itsme in Belgium, a quick and user-friendly mobile app developed by top banks and telecom operators, to IDIN and eMachtiging in the Netherlands, secure protocols created by major Dutch banks, and even Mastercard, Visa & PayPal validations, we have a wide array of options to meet your validation needs.

No matter your location, we provide the most convenient and secure identification tools. Curious about the tools we have for your region? Don't hesitate to reach out and ask us.

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