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Unlock the power of choice with our versatile payment links. Whether you prefer to direct customers to a specific payment page from a payment service provider (PSP) or link them directly to a preferred payment method, our solution offers unparalleled flexibility.

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iDEAL via Twikey
Bancontact via Twikey
Payconiq via Twikey
Pay via Tikkie
Maestro via Twikey
Mastercard via Twikey
Visa via Twikey
PSP Paypage

Link to PSP Pay-Page

With our innovative system, you have the option to link directly to a pay-page of a PSP (Payment Service Provider). This means that your customers can complete their transactions effortlessly, without any hassle. Say goodbye to complicated payment processes and hello to a streamlined checkout experience!

By using Twikey, you gain access to multiple Payment Service Providers. This means you can choose the most cost-effective player per payment method, maximizing your savings while providing top-notch service to your customers.

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Direct Payment Method Integration

With our direct payment method integration, we streamline the payment experience for your customers, making it easier than ever to make a purchase.

No more navigating through multiple platforms or payment service providers. Our seamless integration takes customers directly to the payment method paypage, eliminating unnecessary steps and confusion. They can quickly and effortlessly complete their purchase, leading to higher conversion rates and customer satisfaction.

Payconiq Paypage
Mail With Payment Link

Send Payment Links via Preferred Channels

Communication is key, especially when it comes to payments. Our powerful solution enables you to send individual or bulk payment links via email, SMS, or even traditional mail. You can customize these messages to match your company's branding, ensuring a seamless and professional experience for your customers.

QR-code payments

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Twikey for the wholesale


Twikey for energy suppliers

Energy suppliers

Twikey for  e-commerce companies

E-commerce companies

Twikey for telecom providers

Telecom providers

Twikey for IT and software companies

IT and software

Twikey for accountants


Twikey for employment agencies

Employment agencies

Twikey for sport associations

(Sports) associations

Twikey for the care sector and hospitals

Care sector and hospitals

Twikey for B2B suppliers

B2B suppliers

Twikey for leasingcompanies


Twikey for gas station

Fuel cards

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