Conversion Campaign

Experience the ease of recurring payments with our conversion campaign, designed to guide clients to your preferred recurring payment method.

Conversion Campaign

Convert your customers to all recurring payment methods

Recurring Bancontact
Recurring credit card via Mastercard
Recurring PayPal
Sepa Direct Debit
Recurring credit card via Visa

Convert all your clients in one click to recurring payment methods

Bulk Campaign

Our Bulk Campaign feature not only maximises your reach and efficiency but also provides live insights into the success of your campaign. This powerful tool enables you to send out mass invitations to your entire client base, giving them the opportunity to switch to recurring payment methods with legal online mandates. By transforming time-consuming manual processes into a single click operation, you can reach all your clients simultaneously and monitor the real-time performance of your campaign.

Individual Approach

While executing massive outreach, our technology ensures an individual approach that speaks directly to each customer. Enjoy the power of personalised messaging, tailored to their specific needs and preferences. This targeted approach ensures that your unique client needs are addressed, fostering stronger relationships and increasing satisfaction.

Additionally, with every invoice or reminder, we present the option to convert to a recurring payment method, providing added convenience and flexibility for your customers.

Indivual invites to get started with recurring payments
Invite your clients to sign mandates using the most effective method

Multichannel Strategy

At Twikey, we believe in reaching out to customers through their preferred channels. Whether it's via a traditional mail invitation, an instant SMS, a platform notification, a face-to-face meeting, or even through your invoices, we've got it all covered. Choose the channel that best aligns with your business needs and your clients' preferences, ensuring a smooth and efficient communication process.

Interesting for every Industry

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Twikey for the wholesale


Twikey for energy suppliers

Energy suppliers

Twikey for  e-commerce companies

E-commerce companies

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Telecom providers

Twikey for IT and software companies

IT and software

Twikey for accountants


Twikey for employment agencies

Employment agencies

Twikey for sport associations

(Sports) associations

Twikey for the care sector and hospitals

Care sector and hospitals

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B2B suppliers

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Twikey for gas station

Fuel cards

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