Instant Reconciliation

Say goodbye to hours spent matching payments across various methods and the frustration of lacking real-time financial visibility!

  • Significant time savings
  • Reduced errors and discrepancies
  • Improved financial visibility and control

Link to your Accounting or ERP package

AdminPulse - Twikey
Billonline - Twikey
Cipal Schaubroeck - Twikey
Civadis - Twikey
Cox Automotive - Twikey
Dynamics 365 Business Central - Twikey
Exact - Twikey
Five Degrees - Twikey
Icasa - Twikey
Informat - Twikey
Microsoft Dynamics
Nymus - Twikey
Odoo - Twikey
Onfact - Twikey
ResalePartners - Twikey
Salesforce - Twikey
SAP - Twikey
SAP Business One - Twikey
Teamleader - Twikey
Twinfield - Twikey
Zapfloor - Twikey
Zoho - Twikey
accounting packages

Seamless Integration with Your System

We understand the importance of smooth workflows. That's why our solution offers a diverse array of reconciliation methods tailored to your needs and accounting package. Whether you seek seamless integration with renowned ERP, CRM or accounting systems such as Odoo, Business Central, Salesforce, and more – or simply require the essential information to swiftly advance invoices to a paid status – rest assured, we have you fully covered. Get all your financial information synchronised and easily accessible in one place.

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Automate, Streamline, and Optimise

Our reconciliation solution delivers the tools to maximise automation of the matching process, significantly reducing manual labor and eliminating errors. You can reconcile payments quickly and accurately, freeing up time to focus on what truly matters - your core business.

Real time reconciliation

Real-time Payment Status

No need to await funds in your bank account. Our dashboards and APIs offer you real-time updates on the status of incoming payments, regardless of your chosen payment method. Track transactions efficiently and make informed decisions based on accurate, up-to-the-minute financial data.


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Twikey for the wholesale


Twikey for energy suppliers

Energy suppliers

Twikey for  e-commerce companies

E-commerce companies

Twikey for telecom providers

Telecom providers

Twikey for IT and software companies

IT and software

Twikey for accountants


Twikey for employment agencies

Employment agencies

Twikey for sport associations

(Sports) associations

Twikey for the care sector and hospitals

Care sector and hospitals

Twikey for B2B suppliers

B2B suppliers

Twikey for leasingcompanies


Twikey for gas station

Fuel cards

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