Simplify payments for recurring customers

Leveraging direct debits or recurring credit card
Use your own bank or preferred payment provider

Various payment methods can be used via Twikey

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Why Twikey?

No more manual handling in the payment process


Maximum conversion to recurring payments

Invite your customers with the push of a button and offer a quick, safe and convenient way to pay.

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The most advanced recurring payment platform

Twikey — The key to payments Advantages with Twikey


Avoid unnecessary administration

Recurring manual work for the collection or accounting processing of invoices is a thing of the past.


Collect through your own bank

Twikey offers the financial technology and you receive the money directly on your own account.


All European payment methods

Let your customer choose from multiple payment methods and create the ultimate payment experience.


Easy integration

A link is quickly established with more than 500 existing billing, accounting packages or via API.

They're already using Twikey

Achieved results

The annual return on investment is on average 8x higher than the investment*

Before Twikey After Twikey
  • Invoices paid within 1 day
    20% 97%
  • Reconciliation of payments
    91% 100%
  • Automated collection process
    50% 99.9%

* Supported by research with +200 Twikey customers.

Twikey makes payments more efficient and easier


Less administration


Better payment experience


Better cashflow


Lower costs