Twikey supports "Cheer for champions"

Twikey, along with 9 other organizations, is participating in this national action for the healthcare sector by providing the technology to make SMS payments possible.

With the team, we wondered what we could do for healthcare providers in the context of Corona. Unfortunately, our digital online brains have some difficulty in making mouth masks, hydroalcoholic gels and the like. But what we are really good at is making online payment options available and being innovative when it comes to payments.

Together with our partners RingRing and Direct Social Communications (DSC) and 7 other organizations (Billie Bonkers, Pelicano Foundation, Cabinet C, Koalect, Bisnode, Sherpa Law and IG Mediabrands) we provide free support to the “Cheer for champions” campaign.

The support fund ‘Cheer for Champions’

The Cheer for Champions support fund is a national fundraising campaign launched during the Corona crisis for the benefit of all employees in the healthcare sector. This fund aims to ensure that the healthcare sector has sufficient resources to cope with disasters today and in the future. Today, for example, the healthcare sector suffers considerable financial losses due to all canceled patient appointments while having to bear lots of extra costs for extra beds, disposable material, etc. As a result, this may lead to a lack of resources today and in the future to provide sufficient support to the healthcare providers who are now working day in day out for the benefit of us all. We are thinking of psychological counseling, workshops, etc. The donated money will therefore have a dual purpose with the main aim to guarantee the continuity of the healthcare services and to support the healthcare providers.

What does Twikey do?

Twikey, like all other partners, offers its services to this initiative free of charge. Together with RingRing, we take care of the payment part of this campaign by providing the technology to make SMS payments possible. People can donate money by sending an SMS to 8686 (eg CHEER 10). We receive this SMS with the amount chosen by the person (in this case 10 euros) and generate a payment link for the same amount. We send this link to the person who wants to donate via a reply SMS. By clicking on the payment link, the donor can choose his preferred payment method (eg Bancontact) and easily pay online. Thanks to the intelligent invisible payment engine on the Twikey side, various payment options can be offered depending on the situation. The payment information is fed back to Twikey, which gives the support fund a clear overview of all donations while the donor receives a confirmation of the payment.

example of an SMS containing a payment link

The benefits of fundraising via SMS

The main advantage of this method, paying via a payment link in an SMS, is that it is accessible. It suffices that the donor has a payment app (eg Bancontact, Payconiq, bank app, ...) on his smartphone, which allows him to make a payment easily and swiftly. As such it is the ideal method for one-time donations (for recurring donations a direct debit mandate may be a more convenient solution).

In addition, the donor can choose both the amount and the payment method. There are also SMS campaigns, whereby a fixed amount, eg 1€, is charged to your telephone bill by SMS. This gives the donor less freedom but has the advantage of being even faster and easier.

The support fund also receives the amounts directly on its own account and can easily view an overview of the donations received via Twikey.

By participating in this initiative, we are hoping to make a positive contribution during this difficult period. We hope it will be a success!

More information about this campaign or how you can donate money can be found here.

Please don’t hesitate to contact us should you want more information about Twikey or want to find out what we can do for your institution, company, etc.,