itsme® & Twikey boost conversion to direct debits

We strongly recommend all our customers to have mandates signed via itsme®. Over a thousand companies use itsme® thanks to us. Itsme® provides a secure and handy signing solution which guarantees a higher conversion ratio. We will continue to recommend itsme® and will also support them in any implementations abroad.

Payment by direct debit is becoming increasingly important for both merchants and customers.
To be able to pay by direct debit, debtors need to be converted to this specific payment method by signing a direct debit mandate. Twikey helps companies to automate their payment traffic by first setting up a conversion campaign to direct debit. In addition, each invoice or reminder sent via the Twikey platform includes the option to easily sign a legally valid direct debit mandate online. Twikey's clients can select itsme® as a preferred method for signing mandates, and when they do, the success rate goes up.

One of the clients who experienced this is software company Tilroy. Tilroy handles online POS & E-Commerce software for non-food shops and wholesalers. Twikey launched a campaign for Tilroy and invited all their customers to sign a mandate online allowing them to pay by direct debit. Having sent just one e-mail, almost 30% of them successfully signed an online mandate and 60% of them did so with the help of itsme®.

Thanks to itsme® and Twikey, our clients can sign their direct debits mandates easily and in complete security allowing them to pay future invoices via direct debit. The itsme® integration in Twikey is very user-friendly and our clients are happy to use it. Peter De Ranter – CEO Tilroy

Twikey and itsme®: signing e-mandates made simple

Twikey relieves partners, clients, and consumers of their payment worries. Payments are made simple by maximizing conversion to recurring payment methods, automation of the internal direct debit process and an automated failure management. Twikey has been actively recommending itsme® to its customers since the beginning. Most of their merchants have debtors sign mandates using itsme®. Twikey is thus (one of) itsme®'s biggest promoter(s)!

We strongly recommend our clients to activate itsme® as a method for signing mandates. Over a thousand companies use itsme® thanks to us. Itsme® offers a secure and convenient signing solution that guarantees a higher conversion rate. We continue to recommend itsme® and will also support them with any implementations abroad. Nicolas Lejaeghere - Sales Director Belgium Twikey

Safety first

itsme® is compliant with EU regulations and financial (AML/FAFT) and security guidelines. As a certified Electronic of identification means that is recognized as a ‘high’ level of assurance for Belgian identities, itsme® offers a Strong Customer Authentication (SCA) method, as required by the EU revised Directive on Payment Services (PSD2). Electronic payments and mandates signed with itsme® are performed with multi-factor authentication to fully increase the security.