Keep control over your direct debits

Avoid all paperwork when signing direct debit mandates and contracts

Negotiate e-Mandates via your supplier website, by mail, on paper, by phone or during aface-to-face contact. View the demos below for more details.

How does it work?

How does Twikey help consumers?

Twikey makes direct debits easy and accessible

Direct debits can be a hassle…

Allowing your utility, telco, school… to invoice you via SEPA Direct Debit requires you to give an official approval. You avoid the monthly reminders and follow-up? so this could make your life easier. But... you'll need to do this on paper. And then you move or no longer agree with the invoices. How are you going to cancel or modify your approval? In most cases the bank is not involved in this process. With Twikey, you can do this electronically and keep full control.

What do others tell?

Twikey e-Mandates give you control and let you gain time


I was a member of a fitness club for 6 months but I wanted to stop. With Twikey I had the possibility to cancel my mandate so I was immediately sure that my payments would also be stopped.




The previous time I had to sign a B2B mandate, I lost half a day going to the bank. Recently I had to sign a new one for another company. Now thanks to Twikey, it took me only a minutes.




Just signed an electronic mandate through Twikey. It was easy and fast. I can even consult it afterwards and change its details.



How do I sign?

Simple steps to approve


You have been invited

on a website, via mail, by letter, on the street or by phone.


You sign the mandate

Use your identity card, bank card or mobile phone


You get a signed proof via mail

and the instructions how to manage it

You are a company and want to use this for your customers also?
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Want to modify or cancel a mandate?

Get full control over your signed SEPA direct debit mandates

Manage your mandates

Not convinced yet?

Let us explain the hassle you have with regular paper flows.

You may not realise it but the regular direct debit flow is complicated and time-consuming. And the strange thing is that most of us still keep doing everything on paper.

Most common issues Paper Twikey
Legal proof on paper V V
Error free documents X V
Cancelling a mandate X V
Changing your account number X V
Modifying your address X V
Mandate available to connected Banks X V
Switching bank X V
B2B acceptance without a visit to the bank X V
Avoiding the use of stamps X V