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The way credit and financing are handled is changing rapidly. Online orientation and digital business are the new norm. More and more successful companies are serving their customers without human intervention. Customers choose their lenders based on various criteria. Convenience and speed are becoming increasingly important. How do you capitalize on this ever-changing need of your customers? And how do you ensure that your loans are repaid?

Private creditors

Particuliere kredietverstrekkers payment solution Twikey

Business creditors

Zakelijke kredietverstrekkers payment solution Twikey

Mortgage loans

Hypothecaire leningen payment solution Twikey


Crowdfunding Payment Solution Twikey

We automate the entire payment process for recurring customers

Digitale onboarding

Provide a simple digital onboarding and securely capture the correct data of the new customer. The onboarding process is composed of the following functionalities: identification, Iban name check, direct debit mandate, credit check, double verification for mail and mobile number, access to the accounts, ID scan, contract signing, online payment start-up fee, etc.

100% Automation

Customers and in-house staff do make mistakes sometimes. The only way to process large volumes is to eliminate the human intervention completely. So choose recurring payment methods and an automated debtor process in the first place.

Target audience

Make sure the payment method is immediately applicable to your target audience. Multiple payment methods are available in order to allow maximum conversion and scalability in multiple countries.

Low cost

Online payments are a lot more expensive than physical card payments, manual transfers or direct debit transactions. On average, at least 97% of your collections can be collected through a single direct debit attempt.

Reduce the risk

Direct debit and credit card transactions can fail. This risk can easily be mitigated. Through customer identification, you can capture the up-to-date customer data. The risk rules linked to the customer profile reduce the risk. Thanks to the quick follow-up of unpaid collections, outstanding invoices are reduced to a minimum.

Loyal customers

Get loyal customers and link the loyalty program to the mobility app. Saving perks, discounts or gamification drives customer behavior. Even lapsed customers can be reactivated easily and quickly.


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Digitizing your onboarding and payment solutions

As the European market leader, Twikey helps to digitize these new processes by deploying innovative onboarding and payment solutions. Through years of experience we can translate complexity into standardized solutions. No costly customization, but a tailor-made solution. We relieve creditors from the burden of identification, paper document signing and expensive direct debit followed. The automated solution enables you to fully automate the internal direct debit process and track failed collections.

Automation by Twikey

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Why is it recommended to offer a wide range of payment solutions?

To enable an extensive dunning flow and to offer alternative payment methods in the event of unsuccessful payment, we recommend offering a wide range of payment methods. This allows your customers to quickly and easily pay their bills with another card and therefore the need to offer local payment methods is fundamental and it is recommended that the simplest to use. Everything in one automated system that can be controlled centrally.

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"Twikey is the fintech payment expert and connects our mobility customers directly to the bank."

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Fraud prevention:

Fraud is a serious threat to any business and the stakes are raised when it comes to emerging technology. Cars, bikes and scooters are valuable assets that must be protected from unauthorized use and theft. Fake accounts and good old fashioned payment fraud on mobile payment systems are major causes of concern. Twikey counteracts all these threats with our smart risk management system, where we offer various security and identity monitoring systems that are constantly updated to match the changing fraud landscape, keeping your systems and services safe and secure.

Do you want to know how payments can drive
your next generation lending?