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Recurring bills are often collected on different dates throughout the month. Many people therefore work with an Excel file in which they keep track of their finances or open a second administrative bank account.

FinBuddy & Twikey offer a much simpler and better solution for this. We ensure that all invoices are automatically collected on the same day. By planning this 1 day after the customer's payday, they immediately know how much can be spent for the rest of the month, increasing the chance of healthy savings behavior and reducing the likelihood that consumers will fall into financial difficulties and ensuring that they pay their bills on time.

The benefits of FinBuddy?

  • More efficient use of personnel due to fewer late payers
  • Lower costs due to fewer reversals, collections, phone calls, and letters/emails
  • Higher customer satisfaction (4.7 out of 5 stars)
  • FinBuddy activates an average of 1 in 12 customers who receive and read the email

Twikey - FinBuddy How does it work?


Inform consumers (landing page and email) about FinBuddy.


FinBuddy takes care of the consumer in matching the ideal collection date.


We process the new collection date automatically at the fixed cost supplier (via API).


Invoices are automatically collected.

If an invoice is not paid on time, an automatically set reminder process can be activated.

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