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  • Multiple payment methods for customer convenience
  • Maximising conversion to recurring payments
  • E-mandates for easy setup of recurring payments
  • Automated failure management of failed transactions
  • Automatic reconciliation for seamless financial management
Teamleader - Twikey
  • All-in-one solution for CRM, project management, and invoicing
  • Streamlined sales process and lead management
  • Easy collaboration and communication with team members
  • Advanced project planning and task management capabilities
  • Customisable dashboards and reporting for better insights

Unlock Seamless Payment Experiences for Your Customers

The interconnection between Twikey and Teamleader allows you to :

  • Boost Efficiency
  • Simplify Invoicing Process
  • Accelerate Payment Collection
  • Centralise Work Organisation
  • Reduce Administrative Follow-Up
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Thanks to Twikey’s way of handling direct debits we are now working much more efficiently. Payments were made easy and this saves us a lot of time. The automated monitoring of payments is very transparent, clear and effective. Our administrative workload has been almost completely reduced whilst doing more transactions. That is the epitome of an improvement. We can now fully focus on our core business.

Toon Donne CEO, zZoomer

Teamleader - Twikey Plug, Play, and Party: Like Using a TV Remote, but Cooler


Seamlessly import your contacts from Teamleader into Twikey, enabling you to easily invite them to sign a mandate.


Let Twikey handle the collection and delivery of your invoices, ensuring a smooth and efficient invoicing process.


Automate the collection of invoices from clients who have signed a mandate, while providing other customers with a selection of convenient payment methods.


Enjoy real-time invoice status updates in Teamleader, regardless of the chosen payment method, be it automatic, wire transfer, or payment button.

When an invoice goes unpaid, Twikey can automatically trigger a reminder process that you have configured.

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