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Offer ease of payment to your customers

The interconnection between Twikey and Teamleader allows you to send, collect and track your invoices digitally. This offers numerous advantages:

  • Ease of use for all parties
  • 1 solution for all payment methods
  • More efficient payment flows
  • Lower costs
  • Less administrative follow-up
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Teamleader - Twikey How the interconnection works


From Twikey, you retrieve your contacts from Teamleader. You can invite these customers to sign a mandate.


Twikey collects your invoices and sends them.


Invoices for a client with a mandate are automatically collected. Other customers can pay with one of your suggested payment methods.


Regardless of the payment method (automatic, wire transfer or payment button), the invoice status is linked back to Teamleader.

When an invoice is not paid on time, a reminder process you have configured can be initiated automatically through Twikey.

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