• Time Savings
  • Our automated recurring payment processes reduce the need for manual intervention, allowing your team more time for critical tasks.

  • Reliability
  • We offer a secure platform fully compliant with all European payment regulations, ensuring the safety of your data and your customers'.

  • Increased Customer Satisfaction
  • Thanks to its user-friendly nature, your customers can set up recurring payments quickly and effortlessly, leading to improved customer satisfaction and greater loyalty.

About Zoho

How it Works?

We've partnered with Zoho Books to elevate your invoicing and payment processes.

With Zoho Books, you have an intuitive platform at your disposal, enabling you to effortlessly generate professional invoices and manage your finances. Twikey steps in as your trusted payment partner.

When a customer makes payments through Twikey for invoices, the payment status is automatically refreshed in Zoho Books. You'll no longer have to deal with manual data entry or redundant data processing. Our integration ensures smooth synchronization of payment information between Twikey and Zoho Books.

The result? You always have an up-to-date overview of your income and outstanding invoices, making your accounting process more efficient than ever before.


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