MD01 Mandate missing

Occurs when?

For Core mandates :

The mandate has not been used for more than 36 months and the bank has cancelled it. Or a new registered mandate has not been used in the first 12 months (in case there is a pre-registration done with the bank (via Twikey)). The mandate was cancelled by the debtor. Double use of the unique mandate number

  • For B2B mandates:

The debtor has not yet registered the mandate at the bank. The bank (employee) has registered the mandate incorrectly."

Possible root cause

The mandate does not exist yet. The mandate no longer exists.

What can you do?

"For CORE mandates: infom the debtor and have him sign a new mandate. For B2B mandates: If you do not work with online B2B mandates yet, you will unfortunately have to send your customer back to the bank for registration. Please check whether your mandate number structure is "human". In practice, for example, it is not a good idea to use characters that are difficult to differentiate, such as: HALLO001. An error between a ""0"" and an ""O"" is easily made by the registering bank employee. For both: do not try to conclude your mandate on paper, but digitally.

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