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Recurring paymentsManage and collect subscriptions intelligently

Twikey enables partners, clients and consumers to manage their payments & subscriptions. By maximizing conversion to recurring payments, automation of the internal direct debit process and an automated follow-up process of failed transactions, Twikey makes payments simple.

With the highly accessible web app, you create and manage subscriptions easily. Our software is compatible with those of many software providers, making recurring payments easy to collect. In addition to direct debits and recurring credit cards, Twikey also offers all other payment methods in collaboration with Mollie.

Twikey - MollieShift quickly into top gear


Register at Twikey and complete the onboarding process


Request an export file from the eCurring dashboard and submit it to Twikey


After successfully importing the file, you can continue to use Mollie via Twikey for recurring transactions

Why Twikey?First class recurring payment experience

First in class

Twikey is a Belgian payment software that specialises in recurring payments and subscriptions. 1300 international companies (Club Brugge, Q8, WeightWatchers, 4411, DPD...) organise their subscriptions and recurring payments through Twikey.

Simplicity for customers

New customers are invited and onboarded easily via mail, SMS, letter, WhatsApp or integration with your own website. After onboarding, the first collection is carried out immediately.

Easily integrated

Keep your own Mollie account and integrate easily and at lightning speed with Twikey and enjoy onboarding and transaction dashboards. Subscriptions can be set up automatically or manually in the Twikey portal.

Failure management

In case a direct debit fails, the automated failure management comes into action so that eventually on average 99.85% of all direct debit invoices are collected without any administrative intervention.


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Set-up fee eCurring promo until 28 February 2023

Standard set-up fee

€ 295,00

€ 595,00

Our packages and monthly fees with eCurring promo during the first 6 months


€ 129,12

€ 149,12

up to 200 transactions and 5 new mandates per month


€ 129,12

€ 249,72

up to 1.000 transactions and 20 new mandates per month


€ 129,12

€ 349,72

up to 2.500 transactions and 50 new mandates per month


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more than 2.500 transactions and/or 50 new mandates per month