SEPA Direct Debit Core
(SDD Core)

Take control of the entire payment process by offering your customers automated SDD Core.

  • Reduce transaction costs
  • Improve cash flow management
  • Increase convenience for customers
Sepa Direct Debit Core

Link directly to your bank account

Deutsche Bank via Twikey
ABN-AMRO via Twikey
Bank of America - Twikey
Rabobank via Twikey
BNP Paribas via Twikey
Twikey QR-code on the invoice with Sparkasse
ING via Twikey
Belfius via Twikey
Twikey QR-code on the invoice with HSBC
BNP Paribas Fortis via Twikey
KBC via Twikey
Bank Van Breda via Twikey
VDK via Twikey
CBC via Twikey
CPH via Twikey
Credit Suisse via Twikey
How to sign an SEPA Direct Debit

Online SDD Core mandate signing

We lead the European market in online mandate signing. Say goodbye to the hassle of visiting the bank – now, your customers can effortlessly finalise SDD Core mandates directly through us by using :

  • POS
  • Mail
  • Online
  • Face2Face
  • Paper invitation with smart codes
  • ...

When to use SDD Core?

  • Recurring invoices (variable amounts)

      SEPA Core Direct Debits provide hassle-free recurring payments. No matter the fluctuations in your volumes or service usage, our automated system handles it all.

  • Memberships & Subscriptions

      SDD Core is the easiest and safest way to organise recurring payments for memberships and subscriptions.

  • Payment plans

      Provide your customers the possibility to spread their costs by offering payment plans.

Core SEPA Direct Debit via Twikey
Core SEPA Direct Debit via Twikey

What is Sepa Direct Debit Core

SEPA Direct Debit Core allows businesses and consumers to authorise creditors (the entities receiving payments) to collect funds directly from their bank accounts. It simplifies the payment process by eliminating the need for manual transactions, reducing paperwork, and streamlining administrative tasks.

The advantages of SEPA Direct Debit Core include increased convenience for customers, as payments are automatically deducted from their accounts, improved cash flow management for businesses, reduced transaction costs compared to other payment methods, and wider geographical coverage across 36 European countries. Overall, SEPA Direct Debit Core offers a secure and efficient payment solution for both individuals and businesses.

Advantages of SEPA Core Direct Debit

1. No more late payments

With Direct Debits your invoices will be paid on time, every time. Once authorized, you can collect payments from your customer’s account whenever they’re due. That means you don’t have to chase your customer for payments. 97% of all invoices send with SEPA Core Direct Debit are paid within 1 day.

2. Reduced payment administration

The payment initiations are triggered by the merchant which significantly reduces the follow-up time required.

3. Reduced payment failures

Roughly 3-5% of credit card payments fail each month due to credit card expiry or cancellation. Direct Debit payments use a customer’s bank details, which rarely expire or change so failure rates are less than 1%.

4. Flexibility

With Direct Debit, the amounts your charge can be variable and you can change the frequency of the payments with a click of a button without your customers needing to re-authorise anything and without the administrative hassle.

5. Improved cashflow

Late payments impact your cash flow as payments as there’s no way to predict when payments come in. This can impact your ability to pay your bills and can create stress where it’s not needed.
With Direct Debit, you'll always know when payments will be paid in a predictive way so you don’t have to worry about them anymore.

6. Environmentally friendly

The Twikey online SEPA Core Direct Debit solution is totally paperless and it doesn’t only save you time and money but is great for the environment.

The numbers

Without Twikey With Twikey
  • Payments within 24h

    20% 80%
  • Conversion to direct debit

    5% 25%
  • Conversion to e-mail

    1% 65%

*The above comparison is substantiated on interviews with our customers (sample > 200 customers)

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